New Book: Interculturalism and Multiculturalism: Similarities and Differences

Interculturalism and Multiculturalism: Similarities and Differences
Edited by Martyn Barrett
Published December 2013, Council of Europe Publishing, F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex, France
ISBN 978-92-871-7692-9
€29,00/$58.00, Paperback, 188 pages
This book examines the relationship between two policy approaches for managing the cultural diversity of contemporary societies: interculturalism and multiculturalism.
The relationship between these two approaches has been a matter of intense debate in recent years. Some commentators argue that they represent two very different approaches, while others argue that interculturalism merely re-emphasises some of the core elements of present-day multiculturalism. The debate arises, in part, because multiculturalism can take a variety of different forms, which makes it difficult to identify its key features in order to compare it with interculturalism. The debate has gained added momentum from the backlash against multiculturalism in recent years, and from the Council of Europe’s prominent championing of interculturalism as an alternative approach.
This book aims to clarify the concepts of interculturalism and multiculturalism, and to bring the various arguments together in a way that will assist politicians, policymakers, practitioners and interested lay people to understand the concerns that are driving the different orientations. The book is also intended to facilitate a comparison of the policy implications of interculturalism and multiculturalism. To this end, each chapter concludes with a concise statement of the implications for policy that follow from the viewpoint that has been expressed.
Notes on the Contributors
Ólöf Ólafsdóttir Foreword
Martyn Barrett Introduction – Interculturalism and multiculturalism: concepts and controversies
Ulrich Bunjes The intercultural milestone: the history of the Council of Europe’s White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue
Robin Wilson The urgency of intercultural dialogue in a Europe of insecurity
Ted Cantle Interculturalism as a new narrative for the era of globalisation and super-diversity
Gérard Bouchard Interculturalism: what makes it distinctive?
Nasar Meer & Tariq Modood Interacting interculturalism with multiculturalism: observations on theory and practice
Maria del Carmen Méndez García & Michael Byram Interculturalism, multiculturalism and language issues and policies
Martyn Barrett Intercultural competence: a distinctive hallmark of interculturalism?
Léonce Bekemans Educational challenges and perspectives in multiculturalism vs. interculturalism: citizenship education for intercultural realities