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Sutraphorn Tantiniranat PRSS 2016 poster, University of Manchester

Sutraphorn Tantiniranat PRSS 2016 poster, University of Manchester

Volha- My Journey as a researcher


Sutraphorn_poster_methodsfair_2013Susan- On weaaring two hatspaulsmithposter1





  • Richard Fay

    Maybe Mariam and Julian have some?

  • Eljee Javier

    If there are other posters let me know and I’ll put them up. Otherwise these are the only ones I got.

  • Richard Fay

    Many thanks for making these posters available here Eljee.

    Are there other posters we should be including here?

    I am hoping that shortly there will be a poster to celebrate the “Doing Research Multilingually” (DRM) colloquium at BAAL (in September 2011) that we are running. ‘We’ = four doctoral alumni (Jane Andrews, Mariam Attia, myself (richard), and Xiaowei Zhou (‘Viv), plus one research associate (Leah Davcheva). This will continue the tradition of ‘celebrating’ critical mass outings to conferences (such as the Narrative Matters 2010 event – see poster above) and also build on the previous on our group’s significant involvement in the DRM exploratory seminar at Durham University in July 2010 (see poster above). For more on the BAAL event and DRM colloquium, see the Researching Multilingually discussion thread.