2015 Publications

Journal Articles

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Trejo Vences, P. and Fay, R. (2015). Developing general cultural awareness in a monocultural English as a foreign language context in a Mexican university: A wiki-based critical incident approach. The Language Learning Journal43(2): pp. 222-233. Available here.

Williams, D. (2015). A systematic review of English Medium Instruction (EMI) and implications for the South Korean higher education context. ELTWO Special Issue on Content and Language Integrated Learning. Available here.


Breen, P. (2015). Realizing the power of social media in the 21st century. Media and communications video book. PA: IGI Global. Accessible here — http://www.igi-global.com/video/realizing-power-social-media-21st/135017

Book Chapters

Corcoran, S. (2014). Visualising transitions: The use of auto-photography with formerly street-connected boys in Kenya. In S. Miles and A. Howes (Eds.), Photography in educational research: critical reflections from diverse contexts. (pp. 168-181). London: Routledge. Details.

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