Papers and publications

Full research papers:
– Firth, M., (2011 forthcoming) BEIR: A model of global citizenship in higher education for vocational students, Submitted for the Journal of Vocational Education and Training.
– Firth, M., (2011 in review) Are vocational students Global Citizens? A critical examination of soft skills for Global Citizenship in Hospitality, Tourism and Events management education in the UK. In review for the International Journal of Hospitality Management, Elsevier.
– Firth, M., (2011 in review) Developing human agents with global identities: A critical analysis of identity and agency in Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management education in the UK. In review for the International Journal of Hospitality Management, Elsevier.
Firth, M., (2010) Citizenship Education in Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism, HEA resource guide for HLST network.
Firth, M., (2010) Can Facebook Engage Students in critical analysis of academic theory? Asian Journal on Education and Learning, 1(1), pg 10-19.
Firth, M., (2009) Discipline versus Field of Study: Vocational VS Academic, Advances in Food, Hospitality and Tourism, Issue 1, Article 8.

Conference presentation:
– Firth, M., (2012) Do students use their agency in university lectures? An analysis of two Quantitative Research Methods to ascertain Human Agency use in Manchester Metropolitan University, poster presentation at the Agency Conference, June, Cambridge, UK.
– Firth, M., (2012) Are you aware of others? A critical exploration of student identity development for the customer service point, presenting at the 9th Circle conference, full paper.
– Firth, M., (2011) Global Citizenship in Higher Education: A critical analysis of the BEIR model for vocational students in Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management, to be presented at the Global Vision, Local Action conference 2011 at Bournemouth university.
– Firth, M., (2011) A critical analysis of the teaching citizenship in higher education resources, Poster Presentation at the Elsevier CAL conference, Manchester, UK.
CAL Poster
– Rust, C., Abrahamson, E., Firth, M., and Beattie, I., (2010) The LAAER model of assessment standards, Workshop delivered at the International society for the scholarship of teaching and learning, (ISSOTL), October, Liverpool, UK.
– Firth, M., (2009) Can computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) enhance student engagement on Events Management courses?, Assessment and Feedback, Oxford, UK, Higher Education Academy for Hospitality and Tourism, November 2009.

Professional membership:
– Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
– Member of the Buckley Group (HEA supported). This group aims to review assessment standards in Higher Education in the UK.

Conference organisation:
– Founder of the Employability and Citizenship skills conference 2010 and organising committee for 2011