Preparing for viva – Khwanita style

I passed my viva voce (a PhD oral exam, aka thesis/dissertation defense) with minor corrections in July and celebrated my graduation three days afterward (by wearing a proper robe and funny hat and taking pictures with my colleagues and friends). Now that the result of my degree has been published, I think it’s time to share with you some aspects […]

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Important information on word count for the thesis

Word Length – Latest Faculty Guidance Students must not make requests for extensions to the thesis word limit justified on the basis of the student doing interdisciplinary research (and thus having to address literature and debates across disciplines), and/or doing qualitative methods. The use of both is common in the Humanities, and themselves not justification for an increase in word […]

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Congratulations to Achilleas Kostoulas!

Many congratulations to Achilleas on passing his viva today with an Aii. Well done! I still remember the day when Julian Edge told me about a new PhD student joining our group – called ‘Achilleas’. Since then, I had the pleasure of attending several of his presentations, and reading many of his blog posts. It was great to follow Achilleas’ doctoral work over the years, and I […]

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