Welcome to LANTERN (the Language Teacher Education Researcher Network) at the Manchester Institute of Education. LANTERN is the online community for the doctoral researchers exploring aspects of areas including: TESOL/language education, language teacher education, intercultural communication/education, educational technology.

This blog acts as a forum for current, former and prospective doctoral students to present their work, share their research(er) experiences, and discuss their developing and polished ideas. There are also contributions by staff members (some of whom undertook their doctoral studies at Manchester) and by Research Associates who currently collaborate with them. It is also a space to share approaching conferences, calls for papers, job opportunities and other related news items.

If you are an ‘outsider’ to this community but are engaged by the research ideas, passions, approaches, and personalities represented here in this blog, why not join us? You can do this by contacting Richard Fay.

If you are interested in applying for doctoral study, you will need to produce a research proposal outline. You can find some guidance here.

The MA TESOL programme also has Facebook group and page if you are interested in finding out more about that programme and community.

*Special thanks to our PhD alumni Mariam Attia, Susan Dawson, Zhuomin Huang, Eljee Javier, and Nahielly Palacios who have made enormous contributions to the development of LANTERN community / blog.