Achilleas Kostoulas’ Projects

This page is a hub for ongoing research carried out by Achilleas Kostoulas, sometimes in collaboration with other Lantern members.


This multinational collaorative project involves studying ways to enhance the teaching of less widely spoken and less widely taught languages (langues ModiMEs, if you pardon my French). The acronym ALaMODe stands for Apprentisage des langues MoDiMEs dans une Europe plurielle, which means ‘teaching MoDIME languages in a pluralistic Europe’. You can read more about this project here.


The Artificial Intelligence for Foreign Language Education programme, funded by the European Centre for Modern Languages, aims to develop ways to help teachers and learners make the most efficient and ethical use of AI technology, as they engage with foreign langauge learning. Here’s a link to the temporary project webspace.


Project ReaLiTea, a three-year Erasmus+ partnership, is an ambitious attempt to develop the Research Literacy of (foreign language teachers). In our website, you can find updates about the project, as well as an expanding set of resources that we will develop for teachers and teacher educators.

The Research-Teaching Nexus

The ‘research-teaching nexus’ study (ideas for an acronym are very welcome!) is a small-scale project that aims to develop a better understanding of how teachers engage with research at various stages of their career. You can find out more about this study here.