2021 Publications

Journal articles

Armellini, A., Antunes, V. T., & Howe, R. (2021). Student Perspectives on Learning Experiences in a Higher Education Active Blended Learning Context. {For TechTrend}. Doi: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11528-021-00593-w

Fay, R., Andrews, J., & Huang, Z. M. (being revised for April 1st deadline). Narrowing the gap between institutional practice and aspiring praxis: Developing a critical intercultural supervisory culture in largely Anglophone HE contexts. {for Journal for Praxis in Higher Education special issue}.

Fay, R., Mawson, D. J., & Bithell, C. (under review). Intercultural musicking: Learning through klezmer. {for Languages & Intercultural Communication special issue}.

Huang, Z. M., Fay, R., & White, R. (resubmitted after amendments, under review). Ethical knowledge-work: Addressing the dangers of epistemic injustice. {for Language Culture and Society}.

Kwihangana, F. (2021). Enhancing EFL students’ participation through translanguaging. ELTJ. Doi: https://doi.org/10.1093/elt/ccaa058

Padilla Rodríguez, B.C., Armellini, A., & Traxler, J. (2021). The forgotten ones: How rural teachers in Mexico are facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Online Learning, 25(1), 253-268. https://doi.org/10.24059/olj.v25i1.2453

Polymenakou, E. & Fay, R. (abstract accepted for Special Issue article). A praxis of ‘synclusion’: Challenging ethnocentric understandings of social inclusion. {Language and Intercultural Communication forthcoming spring 2022}.

Teixeira Antunes, V., Armellini, A., & Howe, R. (2021). Beliefs and engagement in an institution-wide pedagogic shift. Teaching in Higher Education [online first] https://doi.org/10.1080/13562517.2021.1881773

White, R., Fay, R., Chiumento, A., Giurgi-Oncu, C., & Phipps, A. (forthcoming). Communication about well-being and distress: Epistemic and ethical considerations. {for Transcultural Psychiatry}.



Stelma, J. & Kostoulas, A. (2021). The intentional dynamics of TESOL. De Berlin: Gruyter. See: https://www.degruyter.com/view/product/510792

Motsiou, E., Vassilaki, E., Gana, E. & Kostoulas, A. (eds). (2021). Ideologies, linguistic communication and education [In Modern Greek]. Athens: Gutenberg.

Book Chapters

Motteram, G. (forthcoming). Developing English language teachers and language teaching in a time of pandemic (book chapter). In I. Fayed, & J. Cummings (Eds).(forthcoming). Teaching in the post COVID-19 era: World education dilemmas, teaching innovations and solutions in the age of crisis. New York: Springer Publishing.

Kostoulas, A. (2021). Linguistic standardization processes: what kind of English is taught in Greek schools? [In Modern Greek]. In Motsiou, E., Vassilaki, E., Gana, E. & Kostoulas, A. (eds), Ideologies, linguistic communication and education (pp. 162-189). Athens: Gutenberg.

Motsiou, E. & Kostoulas, A. (2021). Tracing connections among ideology, language and education [in Modern Greek]. In Motsiou, E., Vassilaki, E., Gana, E. & Kostoulas, A. (eds), Ideologies, linguistic communication and education (pp. 9-32). Athens: Gutenberg.

Newsletter Contributions

Dawson, S., Mora, A., Motteram, G., Fay, R., & Leoni, F. (2021, March). Learning from volunteer experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. In TEIS News (TESOL TEIS Newsletter) … Special issue on volunteer teacher development. Available here.

Sylvester, K., Fay, R., Dawson, S., & Huang, Z. M. (2021, January). Intercultural Zoomery in a time of COVID-19. In InterCom (TESOL ICIS Newsletter) … Special issue on intercultural learning online. Available here.

Plenary Talks

Kostoulas, A. (2021). Recovering from adversity: How can we rebuild English Language Teaching as a resilient profession? Plenary talk at the 10th ELT Malta Conference “Celebrating Resilience” (9th October 2021)

Conference Submissions/Papers

Bekar, M. & Fay, R. (abstract submitted). Criticality revisited: The shaping influence of Anglo-centred academic literacy. {for 7th ICLHE Conference: EMI and Englishization -Reflecting on the changing university, held in Maastricht (Netherlands) from 19th-22nd October 2021} <ICLHE = Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education>}

Dawson, S., Fay, R., Motteram, G., Mora, A. & Leoni, F. (abstract accepted). “It just means more to me than teaching English”: English language teacher (critical) intentionality in refugee education in Manchester. {for Language Education and Social Justice conference, online 1st-3rd  June 2021).

Fay, R. & Mawson, D. J. (abstract accepted). Appropriate, no appropriative, methodology: (online klezmer ensemble performance as intercultural musicking. {for ISSME2021 conference, 21st-24th June, 2021}. https://eng.inn.no/conferences/issme-2021.