Pérez-Gracia, Elisa

Elisa Pérez-GraciaI graduated in English Teaching in 2011. I have a master’s degree in Bilingual Education (English for Professional Qualification: Intercultural Communication and Curricular Design).

Regarding my experience with international students, I have worked in two interesting areas: one of them as a teacher assistant in some multicultural schools in Bradford (United Kingdom) where I had the opportunity to research on the differences between British and Spanish school systems and the dissimilar teacher training programs; and the other in the International Office of the Faculty of Education of the University of Córdoba, guiding Erasmus students through their acculturation process. Furthermore, I have been working as a teacher in a CLIL Center for two years.

Nowadays, I am a PhD student at the University of Córdoba (Spain). My research field is about intercultural education and methodological approaches to second/foreign language teaching. Being CLIL a reference approach along Europe, and taking into account that culture is one of their four axes, there are some researches that evidence that this is one of

Elisa's new office (in Manchester)

Elisa’s new office (in Manchester)

the less matured concepts. Therefore, my thesis is focused on the development of the cultural axis.

Regarding the spreading of my research, I have participated in three international conferences up to the moment: ‘ICT for Language Learning’ (Firenze, Nov. 2014) and ‘International Conference on Bilingual Programmes’ (Córdoba, Jan. 2015), Cultnet (Durham, Apr. 2015) in all of them I have presented a paper on CLIL and its IC axis.

I will be in Manchester for four months from September 2015 in order to make a research stay. I cannot wait for this opportunity because I am more than sure that it will be such an enriching and inspiring experience.