Dolganova, Olga (PhD alumna)

FullSizeRenderI am Olga Dolganova, a teacher of English from Russia. I have been dreaming about doing PhD since 2011 when I completed MA in Educational Technology and TESOL. I am happy now, as I am going to start my PhD in September 2015 J.

Before I embarked on my MA studies at The University of Manchester, I had completed a Master’s Degree in Management in Education and Educational Policy at a Moscow university. I worked whilst being a part-time student, which I found both challenging and rewarding. After finishing the course, I applied for an MA in Educational Technology and TESOL at The University of Manchester, as I was interested in exploring in depth more modern and effective methods of teaching English. The Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program’s scholarship, which I was awarded for my strong interest in teaching and research, provided me with funding for my studies.

While doing my Master’s course at the University of Manchester, I began my research on teacher’s beliefs and their influence on technology enhanced learning.  In my PhD research, I am going to investigate how cultural models influence teacher beliefs and what could trigger these beliefs in order to enhance integration of technology into teaching.  I consider this topic important for the implementation of technology into teaching English in Russia.

I am very excited about starting my PhD and really looking forward to meeting you all in Manchester.


  • Mariam Attia

    Welcome to the Doctoral Community, Olga. I completed my PhD in the area of teachers’ pedagogical beliefs about using technology in teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages. As you start your journey on a similar path, I wish you all the best, and hope your experience is as rewarding as mine 🙂

    • Olga Dolganova

      Hi Mariam,

      Thank you so much! I started this September and I am very excited about this opportunity:-). At the same time it seems daunting to me, as I have a feeling that I am trying to embrace a very big thing. I hope I will feel more comfortable soon with this great team:-)

  • Olga Dolganova

    Thank you so much for welcoming me:-) It’s very rewarding Richard and it’s also very challenging. I am really looking forward to sharing this challenge with a great team!

  • Susan Dawson

    This is very exciting, Olga. We shared the MA experience together – now looking forward to sharing the doctoral one 🙂

  • Lada Smirnova

    Fantastic! It sounds like we’re tackling the implementing technology issue from different angles: you do from the ‘methodology’ perspective and I do from developmental stance. What a great effort. Will see how it goes!

  • Richard Fay

    Welcome Olga, this is very good news that you are joining us and that all the effort of tracking down funding was not in vain.

    Along with Lada and Nahielli, you will form part of a three-strong group of MA alumni now starting the doctorate with us.

    From my perspective, this progression from MA to PhD is a very rewarding thing to see …. and your trio forms part of a now well-established progression pattern (Tanya, Lou, Eljee, Achilleas, Dylan, Ben, Fitri, Diana, Susan, Helen …. did I miss anyone?) ….

    Looking forward to seeing you next month. 🙂