Kwihangana, Felix

Hello everyone!

My name is Felix. I come from Rwanda, on a small island in the Southwestern part of the Country in the middle of Lake Kivu. I first came to Manchester in 2013 to do an MA in TESOL (Educational Technology) and returned in 2017 to start a PhD which is in now in its final stages. My PhD focuses on Preservice Language Teachers’ Digital Teacher Identity development in Rwanda.

My interest in language teacher education and development has been ongoing for quite a while now. Back in 2010, right after my graduation with a BA in French and English with Education, Rwanda was switching from French to English as a medium of instruction, I was one of the people who were recruited by the then Teacher Service Commission to train my fellow teachers to develop fluency in English and start using it as their medium of instruction. Ever since, I have been working as a language teacher and teacher educator.