Mirillo, Huran

Hello everyone! I have been a member of UoM since 2004: I did my MEd ELT here during the 2004-2005 academic year. I worked as an EAP tutor , syllabus and material designer on pre-sessional and in-sessional English programs at different universities here in the UK, South America, Cyprus and Turkey before I started my journey as a PhD student. At the moment, I am exploring the narrativised experiences of International Academics in the UK. I am currently in year 3 of my PhD. I have come to realise that PhD is more about developing certain competencies and skills as a researcher than completing a degree. It is a long and challenging journey that requires perseverance. On this journey I developed different competencies but also understandings which are shaping my professional identity. I have benefitted a lot from joining different reading and research groups in the last three years; and so, I highly recommend to anyone who is new to our community to become active member of LANTERN and other research/reading groups. I look forward to meeting you all at some point in your research adventures!