Firth, Miriam (PhD alumna)

I am a current Doctoral Student at the University of Manchester completing my PhD in Education. I came to the University of Manchester (UoM) from Manchester Metropolitan University where I was a lecturer in Events Management. Now in UoM I continue to lecture Events Management on the BA (hons) Management and Leisure programme in UoM whilst I complete my doctoral studies. I am also External Examiner for the University of Greenwich and Liverpool John Moores.

So what am I researching?
My PhD reflects my own experiences working and teaching in vocational sectors. It specifically considers Intercultural Communication (Holliday 1999) and Intercultural Demands (see below) perceived by recent graduates working in a vocational business in Manchester. The intercultural demands that I am interested in link to the soft-skills noted by Burns, (1997) and Baum’s, (2002) research. Intercultural Communication demands I am considering are non-verbal interpersonal skills (Burgoon 1993), and interpersonal relations (Spencer-Oatey & Franklin 2009). I am considering graduate perceptions of these areas to identify whether the education provision meets the perceived needs in skilling for Intercultural Service Encounters (Barker & Härtel 2004; Strauss & Mang 1999; Sharma et al. 2009). In this way I am completing a needs analysis (see Benesch 1996; West 1994; Chambers 1980). As my study concerns transferable skills for a range of graduate intercultural encounters, my recommendations offer support for educators considering Intercultural Communication in other sectors and education levels.

What methods am I using?
– Critical Incident Narration (Butterfield et al. 2005)
– Stimulated Recall (Lyle 2003)
– Semi-Structured Interviews
– Concept Mapping (Novak & Cañas 2006; Novak & Canas 2004)

If you are interested in my research please do contact me at


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  • Hi Maureen,

    I was not in London yesterday, no. Last week of teaching in Manchester so I am chained to the desk at present! Sound like Catherine’s talk was interesting though, did you get papers from the event?

    I studied the MA in Development Education with Doug and Nicole, which is why I get recent publications from DERC. I am on the JISC mailing list and thought I would forward it to people in SD also!

    Doug is coming up for a conference I am organising at MMU on 11th also. If you would like to see the papers from this I can forward after?


  • Maureen Ellis

    Hi Miriam
    Just wondered if you’re the Miriam who attended a seminar yesterday led by Catherine Kanaan, at Institute of Education’s DERC, or LIDC, Gordon Square. Catherine was talking about Development Education through a Capability Lens.

    Today I’ve seen this, then the email about Doug’s reports sent by Guy Benton, with links to you, and wondered …


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