Krismiyati, Krismiyati (PhD alumna)

1914721_271108900191_3356171_nI am Krismiyati, from Indonesia. I am first year PhD student at the University of Manchester. My research interest is on ICT and  language learning. Basically, I am always interested to see how teachers could actually use ICT in their classroom practice for any subject including language teaching especially in EFL context like Indonesia. It has also been my curiosity to know how teacher actually could use the available resources (technology) to support their teaching practices as now they are in digital age. Students already run faster ahead the teachers in using technology. I think teachers should try to keep up with the existing improvement so that the teaching learning activity happening in the classroom will always be focus of attention and interest for the students.  I am looking forward to make a good network with everybody in UoM so that I can make my best time ever here in Manchester to study and to live my life 🙂