Huang, Zhuomin

My principal interests are: mindfulness in intercultural communication and visual-creative-arts methods. I look into how one move to make sense of their intercultural experience, and the transcreation of one’s intercultural personhood. I have presented these in various papers at conferences (see details in the item ‘publication’ -> ‘conference papers’).

Methodologically, I use multiple creative-visual methods to explore the role(s) of ‘mindfulness’ in mature students’ intercultural sense-making. I am interested in exploring the kind of space and insights enabled by creative-visuals for personalised meaning-making. I also develop an analytical framework ‘Multislicing Semiotic Analysis (MSA)’ for systematically engaging with visuals in, as and for research.

Beyond my main research, I teach intercultural- / creative-arts- related classes (UG & PG) (e.g. Developing Researcher Competence/research methods, Becoming Global/Intercultural Communication) and run workshops at universities (e.g. artsmethods@manchester at The University of Manchester; University of Central Lancashire).  I am also involved in several research projects (e.g. British-Born Chinese research filming; Coalition of Research Schools; a AHRC research-networking bid).


5 thoughts on “Huang, Zhuomin

  1. Hi Min!

    Your prospective research sounds very interesting! In fact, native versus non-native speakers is another topic that I am very interested in. I would enjoy talking to you more on it.

  2. Hello Min…
    Your topic is really interesting. You can put me on the list of your prospective research participants :D….
    Welcome and see you next September 🙂