LTE in-house conference possibility

Following on (three years later!) from the LTE researcher conference “From here to there and back again” which took place in 2011, we are exploring the possibility of running something similar this year. The idea is that all researchers (students and supervisors) involved in our community who have given a seminar or conference paper they would like to share, could do so during an informal day at the uni.

We are thinking of early summer – probably from the middle/end of June onwards.  It would be great if some of the in-context researchers could take part too, so if you are planning ton being in Manchester sometime during June/July, please let us know and we can try and fix a date that works for you. There is also the possibility of participating via Skype.

This post is really about gauging the interest there might be out there for something like this, so please do leave a comment if it is something you would like to participate in.




  • Oh I wish I had read your message earlier 🙁 Yes, mine was on Thursday. I wish I had attended yours..I was in Hall Q Wednesday evening. How was your presentation?

  • Susan Dawson

    This is good – more interest. It would be great if you could be here Magda, so lets see if we can go for the end of June. Are there any other in-context researchers out there who are also planning to be in Manchester around that time? If you can let us have dates as soon as possible, then we can try and sort the best date.

  • Magda Rostron

    I really enjoyed the previous (2011) LTE researcher conference. Second half of June would be perfect for me this year. Hope it works for the others, too.


    Magda Rostron

  • That is a great idea! Count me in, too. 🙂

  • Volha Arkhipenka

    You can count on me too.

  • Susan Dawson

    Hi Fitri – mine is on Wednesday – the graveyard shift in the Research SIG day. I start at 17.55! When is yours on Thursday? I haven’t seen the conference programme yet. Let me know and I’ll come and cheer you on! I’m off early tomorrow morning as I’m going to the Pre Conference event for the Research SIG.

    Great that you and Khwan are up for our in-house mini conference.

  • I’d love to share my novice research/presenter’s experience as well!

  • I’d love to be in as well 🙂
    Btw, when is your IATEFL presentation Susan? Is it Thursday?

  • Richard Fay

    Count me (and Juup) in 🙂