New book: Reflexivity in Language and Intercultural Education


Reflexivity in Language and Intercultural Education: Rethinking Multilingualism and Interculturality edited by Julie S. Byrd Clark & Fred Dervin (2014) (with contributions from several LEF members)

The Table of Contents:

Introduction Julie S. Byrd Clark and Fred Dervin

1. The Process of Becoming Reflexive and Intercultural: Navigating Study Abroad and Reentry Experience Jane Jackson

2. “Or, just it’s my fault right?”: Language Socialization through Reflexive Language Writing Feedback Jérémie Séror

3. Reflexivity and Self-Presentation in Multicultural Encounters: Making Sense of Self and Other Alex Frame

4. Researching Chinese Students’ Intercultural Communication Experiences in Higher Education: Researcher and Participant Reflexivity Prue Holmes

5. Critical Reflexive Ethnography and the Multilingual Space of a Canadian University: Challenges and Opportunities Sylvie A. Lamoureux

6. Reflexivity in Motion in Language and Literacy Learning David Malinowski and Mark Evan Nelson

7. Uses of Digital Text in Reflexive Anthropology: The Example of Educational Workshops for Out-of-school/Educationally Excluded Adolescents Eric Chauvier

8. Reflexivity and Critical Language Education at Occupy L.A. Christian W. Chun

9. Weaving a Method: Mobility, Multilocality, and the Senses as Foci of Research on Intercultural Language Learning Ulrike Najar

10. Everyday Practices, Everyday Pedagogies: A Dialogue on Critical Transformations in a Multilingual Hong Kong School Miguel Pérez-Milans and Carlos Soto

Conclusion: Reflexivity in Research and Practice: Moving On? Fred Dervin and Julie S. Byrd Clark

Commentary Claire Kramsch

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