New Book: Supporting Internationalisation through Languages and Culture in the Twenty-First-Century University. Edited by Mark Orme

‘Internationalisation’ is a key issue impacting on higher education today, but what is actually meant by this term and how does it relate to the notion of ‘global citizenship’, which also features prominently on the higher education agenda? How does the promotion of foreign language learning and intercultural communication help inform the pursuit of internationalisation? And, as the twenty-first century progresses, how are universities meeting the challenges of developing languages-based curricula that reflect the requirements of an increasingly global marketplace?

This book brings together ten interconnected chapters from an international group of scholars who explore how language teaching and learning strategies and cross-cultural understanding support the cause of internationalisation in the modern higher education arena. The book will be of interest to both managers and practitioners who require an understanding of how the promotion of languages and intercultural knowledge informs the cause of internationalisation at strategic and operational levels within contemporary higher education.

Contents: Mark Orme: The ‘Business Case’ for Internationalisation – Elspeth Jones: Culture Change and Exchanging Culture: The Role of Languages in Internationalisation – Paul Reid: Embedding Internationalisation within the Ethos and Practice of University Teaching – Tricia Coverdale-Jones: Internationalisation in an International Context – Delia A. Jackson/Silke Engelbart: Is Sex a Laughing Matter? An Intercultural Perspective on Advertising – Sarah Ishmael/Robert Kasza: Critical Reflections on the Impact of Events to Promote Language-Learning Awareness among Secondary School Students: Are We Doing Enough? – Lu Liu/Sarah Sibley: How to Enhance International and Domestic Students’ Interaction? A Case Study of the Design and Development of an International Business Module – Elżbieta Muskat-Tabakowska: Internationalisation: Teaching Grammars, Teaching Cultures – Petra Bagley: Promoting Cross-Cultural Understanding through Literature: How Turkish Tea Found its Way into German Fiction – Ellie Dunn: The Translator as Intercultural Mediator: Applications for Translated Graphic Novels in the Language-Learning Classroom – Sofia Anysiadou/Robert Kasza: The Worldwise Language Advantage Programme: Using Rosetta Stone to Promote and Enhance Language-Learning Awareness among University Students and the Wider Community.

Oxford: Peter Lang
199 pp. | ISBN 978-3-0343-0980 | £40.00
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