Call for papers: Special issue on ‘Time in language learning and teaching’

This special issue of the journal ‘Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching’ (Routledge)is being guest edited by Anne Feryok and Sarah Mercer. See below for their call for papers:

Time has always been a part of second language acquisition and language learning and teaching research. Acquisition and learning and teaching are essentially about change, and change is about being in different states at different times. In this special issue, we take a critical stance on the nature of ‘time’ as a construct and reflect on how our perspectives on time inform our understandings of research and language learning and teaching processes. We are open to any suggestions for articles that engage fundamentally with the concept of time in language learning and teaching. Some of the particular areas we hope to reflect on in the special issue include:

  • Chronological or linear versus experiential or nonlinear time
  • Prediction and experimentation versus retrodiction and explanation
  • Individual, cultural, and subjective notions of time
  • Remembered past time, ongoing experienced time, future anticipated time
  • Longitudinal research (on multiple timescales)
  • Individual and cultural orientations to time
  • Language learning and teaching as historically situated in time
  • Linguistic notions of time

    Titles and 300-word abstracts of proposed articles are due to the guest issue co-editors by 30 October 2015. Abstract authors will be informed of decisions by 15 December 2015. Complete blinded manuscripts with separate title page will be due to the guest editors by 30 April 2016 for review, with final revisions due 15 December 2016 for publication early 2017.

    Please send abstracts to both guest editors with ILLT-Time-Abstract- followed by an abbreviated title (no spaces) in the subject line.
    Anne Feryok:
    Sarah Mercer: