Course in qualitative data analysis at Kings College, London, July 2016

Is ‘qualitative data analysis’ too vague for you?  Are you wondering how to do justice to your data?

‘Key concepts and methods in ethnography, language & communication’ 4 – 8 July 2016
If you are researching social processes, institutions, culture or identity, but are unsure about how to analyse the discourse data from your fieldwork, then consider joining this five day research training course.
The programme is designed to help PhD and post-doctoral researchers to navigate the twin perils of over- and under-interpreting discourse data.  It introduces a range of key perspectives and tools used to study language and communication ethnographically and it facilitates the study of social practice in a wide range of different settings – education, workplace, recreation, health etc.  Initiated with ESRC funding in 2007 and now based in the King’s ESRC Interdisciplinary Social Science Doctoral Training Centre, this will be our 8th ELC five-day course.
The course will be held at King’s College London from Monday to Friday, and it is taught by an international team from several leading research institutions: Prof Ben Rampton (Director), Dr Jeff Bezemer, Prof Jan Blommaert, Prof Carey Jewitt, Dr Adam Lefstein, Dr Julia Snell.
The deadline for applications is 11 April 2016.  Spaces are limited, so candidates are advised to apply as soon as possible.  Some funding will be available for bursaries.
For more information, click here, or go to: ‘Summer course Ethnography Language & Communication’ in the search box, and follow the links.