LANTERN — looking ahead

After the very successful Kaleidoscope event last week, and mindful of the valuable Lantern Lunch-time Talk series which really took off this year, I am now thinking about the future, one in which Susan Dawson steps down from her lead role in stimulating, curating, and feeding our community of researchers. A big “THANK YOU” is in order for this role that she has performed for us for the last 2-3 years.

We have a ‘bulge’ of current researchers heading for submission, examination, and graduation, and this includes Susan. We are, therefore, fast approaching a transitional point where the reins of leadership in the LANTERN community pass to the next generation. It is timely, therefore, to think about:

a) who will step into Susan’s shoes?

b) how might the community (online and on-site) change as we embrace this time of change? What might we do differently? What might we drop? What are our priorities going forward etc?

In asking these Qs, I am assuming that there is value in continuing – for sure, in comparison to the situation before LANTERN, I have a real sense of a valued and supportive community of researchers (prospective, current, former, affiliated) from which we all benefit, and which encourages us all to aspire (eg conference papers, publications, professional as well as researcher development) and not just complete the formal doctoral business (though that is at the heart of our shared concerns). Do you feel similarly? Is there a role for LANTERN in coming years?

Through this post, I am inviting you to share your thoughts on what LANTERN means to you now and, looking ahead, what it might mean next year for example. I am also inviting you to think about your own role within it and how you might help it maintain the momentum that Susan has encouraged over the last few years.



  • Richard Fay

    I am delighted to now be able to answer question a) above — Min and Nahielli will jointly take over from Susan at the start of the new academic year (September). I wish them well in this new role and, again, wish to take this opportunity to thank Susan for all her hard work, encouragement, and leadership over the last few years.

    Did anyone have any answers for question b) above? Any suggestions would be of great help for Min and Nahielli as they map the direction our LANTERN takes in coming months.

    • Susan Dawson

      So glad Min and Nahielly that you are taking this on. It would be such a shame to see it evaporate into thin air! Thanks for being willing.