ESRC Social Science Festival: Discussion of Accent Prejudice in the British Workplace

ESRC Social Science Festival

Talking Proper:

A Discussion of Accent Prejudice in the British Workplace
Dr. Alex Baratta

Date: 11 November 2016
Time: 10:00 – 16:00

This event discusses how our accent contributes to our personal identity and sense of who we are, yet how we might choose to modify our accent in various social situations. Even worse, what if we are told to do so by those in authority? From here, I then ask how a modified accent affects our identity and sense of who we are; do we accept the practice or do we feel like linguistic sell-outs? Ultimately, I seek to start a dialogue on what the linguistic reality is, or should be, in the context of teacher training. This is important in that individuals who are qualified to teach should not be made to feel as if their accent is a liability, yet to establish a ‘standard accent’ might go against the national push for equality and diversity. Workshops will take place throughout the day at University Place at the University of Manchester, on November 11th 2016:

10.00-11.00 in UP room 2.219
11.00-12.00 in UP room 2.219
1.00-2.00 in UP room 2.220
2.00-3.00 in UP room 2.220
3.00-4.00 in UP room 2.220

Beyond this, Alex also organises a one-day conference on the theme of religious identity in HE students, the details of which are provided in this link.

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