Wang, Jing

Hi, it’s Jing here! I guess you’re very new to this page, so thanks for browsing my introduction and taking time to get to know me.

Born and raised in northern part of China, my life trajectory was mostly confined here. Things didn’t change that much when I was admitted by Shandong University (a university in my province). During my bachelor’s study, I majored in English and German (but unfortunately my German skill becomes very rusty now due to lack of practice) and I finally had access to various big cultures. Though I attended the course “Intercultural Communication” at that time, my biggest interest was still translation and I even dedicated my thesis to this topic. But don’t get me wrong, my interest in translation never dies out. Even till today, I still work as a part-time translator.

Later that year, I took part in the TESOL programme at the University of Edinburgh and started my masters journey, during which I had access to the current situation of language teaching in a globalized context. Also, I befriended with people from different cultural backgrounds. Inspired by the programme and my personal experience, I thus wrote my dissertation on future Chinese primary school teachers’ attitudes toward using stories to cultivate student’s ICC.

After contemplating my research proposal, I finally figured out my research interests, namely ELF and intercultural communication, and decided to discover new possibilities of my life by doing a PhD in Manchester. So, here I am now. Hopefully I can throw some publications on this page later during my study (fingers crossed).