2021 Publications (and upcoming)

Journal articles

Fay, R., Andrews, J., & Huang, Z. M. (under review). Narrowing the gap between institutional practice and aspiring praxis: Developing a critical intercultural supervisory culture in largely Anglophone HE contexts. For Journal for Praxis in Higher Education special issue.

Fay, R., Mawson, D. J., & Bithell, C. (under review). Intercultural musicking: Learning through klezmer. For Languages & Intercultural Communication special issue.

Huang, Z. M., Fay, R., & White, R. (revisions pending). Ethical knowledge-work: Addressing the dangers of epistemic injustice. For resubmission to Language Culture and Society.

Motteram, G. (forthcoming). Developing English language teachers and language teaching in a time of pandemic (book chapter).

Palacios, N., Onat-Stelma, Z., & Fay, R. (under review). Extending the conceptualisation of: Making meaning from experience over time. Submitted 24th December, 2020 to Reflective Practice: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives.

White, R., Fay, R., Chiumento, A., Giurgi-Oncu, C., & Phipps, A. (forthcoming). Communication about well-being and distress: Epistemic and ethical considerations. Transcultural Psychiatry. {accepted subject to amendments; 2nd submission 13th December, 2020}


Stelma, J. & Kostoulas, A. (forthcoming). The intentional dynamics of TESOL. De Berlin: Gruyter. See: https://www.degruyter.com/view/product/510792

Book Chapters


Newsletter Contributions

Dawson, S., Mora, A., Motteram, G., Fay, R., & Leoni, F. (forthcoming). Learning from volunteer experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. In TESOL TEIS Newsletter (special issue on volunteer teacher development).

Sylvester, K., Fay, R., Dawson, S., & Huang, Z. M. (forthcoming). Intercultural Zoomery in a time of COVID-19. In TESOL ICIS Newsletter (special issue on intercultural learning online).