Fitriyah, Siti Masrifatul (‘Fitri’) (PhD alumnus)

Hi, my name is Fitri and I am from Indonesia. I am an alumnus of UoM and would really love to comeback soon for a further study. I started my MA in TESOL programme in Autumn September 2008, my first autumn ever, and finished in Autumn 2009.

For my MA dissertation I studied and wrote about English Teachers’ Professional Development activities in one of the schools in my hometown. My foci were especially the characteristics of their activity and how it may facilitate their collegiality and reflection. I love working with teachers, and fortunately as a teacher educator I have always a lot of opportunities to work with them.

My journey to support teachers’ professional development has led my involvements in their classes and with their students. Sometimes, the teachers request me to teach in their classes to show them how some methods or techniques work in different atmosphere, after which we usually do an intense discussion. Further, based on what the teachers told me and my observations in their classes, I know that most of the teachers got stuck for ideas to find applicable methods to create joyful and effective learning. Joyful learning has always been an important topic in every teacher training or workshop in my country. We even have a special jargon for it that is PAIKEM or an active, innovative, creative, and joyful learning. However, how to put this into context, has always been a problem for the teachers in the real life. Often, the teachers got stuck and therefore got back to the “easy” way of teaching that is explanation and drill. This is what motivates me to choose my topic for my Doctorate study, that is to find the culturally appropriate methods for motivating and effective ELT in CLIL context. I do hope that everything goes well with my application and my scholarship that I can start to prepare for my study soon.

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  1. Fitri, I must confess that what you mention in your introduction has been going around my mind. I have always believed that joyful lessons have good results on the students’ competence. I personally try to carry out fun activities for my students or, at least, create a comfortable atmosphere and the results and students’ engagements have been really surprising.

    I hope to meet you in September and I wish you all the best!!

  2. I don’t have lists of instructions, but will be happy to assist her as she develops her profile. Please give her my email.

  3. Could someone help guide Fitri through the process of editing her page under the Prospective Students menu, including uploading her picture and creating links to documents which open up in a new window? This kind of step-by-step advice has been given before and I am hoping that someone might have kept their instructions for re-use in a situation like this ….

  4. Hi Eljee…thank you…it’s been ages since the last time we met right, almost two years..time really flies….it’s really nice to see you here too 🙂

  5. Welcome on board Fitri, and thank you for sharing some of your teacher education experiences with us. Will be looking forward to hearing about the success of your application 🙂