Candarli, Duygu (PhD alumnus)

Duygu (4)Hello, everyone! My name is Duygu, and I come from Turkey. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language Education with a minor in German Language from Middle East Technical University, Ankara. Upon graduation, I headed for the U.S. to attend the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Programme. After the programme, I ended up in Istanbul and took up a teaching position at a private university in 2010. Then, I became a teaching and research assistant so that I could balance my teaching and research activities while I was doing my MA in English Language Education at Bogazici University. I was also involved in translating and editing children’s books, which turned into a hobby for me. My MA research focused on writer visibility and reader engagement in university students’ argumentative essays. In my PhD dissertation, I will expand on my MA research and investigate the multi-word units in Turkish university students’ academic writing in English. My research will have implications for English language education at tertiary level in Turkey and in other non-English speaking countries which offer English-medium instruction at university.

It is a great feeling to be a part of the doctoral community of the LTE group! This blog is a wonderful opportunity to learn from other PhD students and reflect on our experiences.




  • Duygu Candarli

    Thank you all for your warm welcome 🙂
    Mariam and Fitri, I hope to talk to you soon and we should share our experiences with each other.

  • Hi Duygu,

    Welcome aboard 🙂
    We apparently share a similar hobby, translating and editing children books. I also write some anyway. Do you do too? Hope to talk more with you sometime.
    Wishing you a great journey ahead 🙂

  • Hi Duygu,
    Welcome to the Doctoral Community! I hope you will enjoy your PhD experience, and I look forward to hearing more about your research into the development of Turkish students’ academic writing.

  • Richard Fay

    Welcome Duygu 🙂