I must be a profound thinker, and men like that naturally don’t speak very much

I was intrigued by Magdalena’s recent reflexivity post, but – in a shamelessly selfish way – what I took away from reading the post seems to reveal more about myself than her. This extract was quite illuminating, especially if one considers what could be there but isn’t: There was also the discussion on the narrative-reflexivity link, which helped me to […]

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Two conferences I plan to attend…

Vlora (Albania), September 11-13 This seems to focus more on English linguistics and Anglophone literature, so it’s not immediately relevant to my needs. But it should be an interesting intercultural experience… Izmir (Turkey), October 28-30 Focussing on English as an International Language. Chomsky’s keynote speech should be one of the highlights of the event. I might turn a paper in […]

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