A blog on Bilingualism

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Just a word to tell you that I have accepted an invitation from Psychology Today to have a blog on bilingualism. I have entitled it, “Life as a Bilingual”. It is definitely for a general public, as you’ll see. But the more one demystifies bilingualism, the better, I feel. Here is the link: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/life-bilingual Thank you […]

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New Journal

NEW ENGLISH PROFILE JOURNAL: FREE AND ONLINE NOW We are delighted to announce the publication of the first issue of the free online ‘English Profile Journal’ by Cambridge University Press. This brand new journal is an initiative that will disseminate cutting-edge research emerging out of the English Profile program. Full details of the journal, including how to submit a paper […]

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A new CALL journal

Gary (Motteram) is involved – as the editor for a special issue of the journal developing the coverage in the recent IATEFL Pre-Conference Event he co-ordinated -with this new journal which may be of interest to the more tech-oriented amongst you: International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching (IJCALLT) The mission of the International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and […]

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