A TESOL Terminology Wiki ….

Hi All

Richard W (a current MA onsite participant) writes:

I have created a wiki with the idea that we can share definitions of terminology that we come across during the course. I don’t know about anyone else, but I keep having to investigate the meanings of various terms whenever I’m reading and sometimes that means messing around for few minutes in google.

The idea is that when you ‘discover’ a new word you can go to the wiki and add it to the list, with a quick definition and maybe a link to a page of information online.

I think if we cooperate on this we will end up with a fantastic resource for easy access during the course. It will also give everyone a further opportunity to practise using a wiki!

Just follow this link: www.chtesolglossary.pbworks.com and request access. Then I’ll make you an editor so that you can participate.