Special journal issue: Chinese Students and Scholars in the Global Community: Challenges of Integration

Special issue of the journal Frontiers of Education focused on Chinese Students and Scholars in the Global Community: Challenges of Integration together with a series of articles exploring academic interactions in the contexts of Australia, Denmark, Finland, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

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For Chinese Students and Scholars in the Global Community: Challenges of Integration written by Fred DERVIN, please visit:http://journal.hep.com.cn/fed/EN/10.3868/s110-003-014-0027-x#1

For Being Chinese or Being Different: Chinese Undergraduates’ Use of Discourses of Chineseness written by Gillian SKYRME, please visit: http://journal.hep.com.cn/fed/EN/abstract/abstract11302.shtml

For Taiwanese Students in Malaysia and Interculturality: When National Identities Take Primacy over Individualities written by Regis MACHART et al., please visit:http://journal.hep.com.cn/fed/EN/abstract/abstract11303.shtml

For Privilege, Prejudice, Predicament: “PRC Scholars” in Singapore—An Overview written by Peidong YANG, please visit:http://journal.hep.com.cn/fed/EN/abstract/abstract11304.shtml

For Enhancing Overseas Chinese Graduate Employability: The Case of Chinese Graduates with Finnish Academic Qualifications written by Yuzhuo CAI, please visit:http://journal.hep.com.cn/fed/EN/abstract/abstract11305.shtml

For Educating Teachers of “Chinese as a Local/Global Language”: Teaching “Chinese with Australian Characteristics” written by Michael SINGH and Jinghe HAN, please visit:http://journal.hep.com.cn/fed/EN/abstract/abstract11306.shtml

For Chinese Teachers’ Professional Identity and Beliefs about the Teacher-Student Relationship in an Intercultural Context written by LiWANG and Xiangyun DU, please visit:http://journal.hep.com.cn/fed/EN/10.3868/s110-003-014-0033-x

We also published book reviews on a range of topics including: The Great Civilized Conversation: Education for a World Community, The Implementation of Inclusive Education in Beijing: Exorcizing the Haunting Specter of Meritocracy; China’s Universities (in Chinese); John Dewey, Liang Shuming, and China’s Education Reform: Cultivating Individuality; The Demoralization of Teachers: Crisis in a Rural School in China; The Education of Migrant Children and China’s Future: The Urban Left Behind and please see more details in:http://journal.hep.com.cn/fed/EN/1673-341X/current.shtml.

For other journal articles, please visit: www.brill.nl/fedc.