New materials developed by MA Alumnus, Tyson Seburn: Academic Reading Circles

Tyson Seburn has published an ebook aimed at teachers who teach Academic English, focussing particularly on academic reading skills. It seems to me that it would be useful for developing critical thinking too. Here is what Tyson says about his new materials: 

arcs_2500-250x354ARC is an intensive reading approach whose components work on the basis that deep textual comprehension for language learners is developed better through initial collaboration among many than if tackled alone. Its purpose is to improve learner engagement with and understanding of concepts in non-fiction texts, like those encountered in higher education courses. This is done through modeling how to read a text through different lenses that draw attention to specific types of information and co-constructing knowledge discovered from these lenses for a clearer overall picture.

The last five years of using ARC with my students and hearing how others have used them with theirs have been a tremendous learning experience! I’m so glad to have a richer and clearer how-to available for teachers with descriptions, examples and sample lessons. In your courses where students are required to read non-fiction texts, Academic Reading Circles may be a good option. This book provides teachers with the roles, the procedure, and the sample activities to improve learner use of course texts.

This book is aimed at:
Teachers who incorporate reading into their courses
Teachers who want to get their learners to engage more meaningfully with texts
Teachers in English for academic purposes courses

If you’re interested, please check out the links for more information.

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