Call for papers: ESRC seminar series – The Multilingual University final conference, 8-9 July 2016

ESRC Seminar series: The Multilingual University: The Impact of Linguistic Diversity on Higher Education in English-dominant and English Medium Instructional Contexts

Seminar 6: The linguistic landscape in higher education in English-dominant and EMI settings: Future directions 

UCL Institute of Education 

8th-9th July 2016

Despite an established body of knowledge on linguistic diversity and bi/multilingual learners in compulsory and complementary schooling, there is little established knowledge on linguistic diversity in higher education in English-dominant and English as a Medium of Instruction settings. All too often the linguistic diversity brought about by a culturally diverse staff and student population is ignored or treated as a problem to be fixed rather than as a resource for enriching the sector and for fostering a vibrant and fair society and intercultural understanding.

In the concluding conference in the ESRC’s The Multilingual University seminar series, we will pull together issues arising from the seminar series related to language policies, practices, identities and ideologies in linguistically diverse contexts in higher education in English-dominant and EMI settings under the seminar themes of internationalisation, widening participation and language revitalisation. We will discuss current and future avenues of research for examining, maintaining, fostering and raising the visibility of linguistic diversity in higher education in the Anglophone world and in EMI settings and for illuminating the idea of the ‘multilingual university’ in these contexts. The conference will also showcase examples of research and practice in which linguistic diversity is used as a resource.

Confirmed keynote speakers: Stephanie Vandrick (University of San Francisco), Steve Marshall (Simon Fraser University), Karen M. Lauridsen (Aarhus University & IntlUni Coordinator), Kristina Hultgren (Open University)

Call for papers

Titles and abstracts for individual papers or panels (3-4 speakers) (total of 30 minutes – 20 minutes for speaker/s + questions) are welcomed on linguistic diversity or bi/multilingualism in HE in ED or EMI settings in relation to one of the following seminar themes:

  • internationalisation (including the mobility of staff and students, the planning, design and delivery of intercultural and international curriculum, and under and postgraduate English-Medium Instructional programmes in the non Anglophone world)
  • language revitalisation (including the role of HE and HE practices in the promotion and maintenance of minoritised and community languages; the planning, design and delivery of curriculum for minority and community language programmes at HE level)
  • widening participation (including the planning, design and delivery of access programmes for linguistic minorities; language and study skills activities designed to improve the retention of widening participation students and inclusive curriculum)

Titles and abstracts to be submitted via email by Friday 8th April 2016Please indicate which theme your paper or panel relates to and include a short bio (50 words) for speakers. Proposals are welcomed from practitioners, students, administrative and professional staff as well as academics and researchers.

Registration (opening in April 2016)

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