World Education Day-2017

World Education Day-2017
Theme: Inheritance, Innovation, Development and Philanthropy

Time: September 27-29, 2017
Place: Dalian, China

Tentative Program

Main Conference

Part 1: Welcome Banquet and Opening Ceremony
 Part 2: Plenary Lectures on Education for Sustainable Development

Block 1: Educational Leadership Forums

Forum 1-1: New Leadership in Education
-Top 100 President talking about How to Build World Class Universities
Forum 1-2: International Collaborations in Education
-Collaboration Connecting to the World
Forum 1-3: K12 Education Leadership Forum
-Focus on the Global Trends, Challenges and Developments
Theme 131: Global Opportunity and the Best Business Model of K12 Education
Theme 132: Digitalization and Informationization Tech ofK12 Education
Theme 133: Deep Learning and K12 Education
Forum 1-4: Higher Education
Theme 141:Rising of Next Generation Social Competencies in HE.
Theme 142: New Teaching Model for Innovative Talents and Research
Theme 143: New Model for Student Entrepreneurs
Forum 1-5: Focus on Graduate Schools
Theme 151: Cultivation Mode Innovation for Graduate Students
Theme 152: Disciplines and Tutors Team Construction Innovation
Theme 153: Evaluation and Supervision Mechanism Reform
Theme 154: How to Improve the Level of Scientific Research?
Forum 1-6: Vocational Education
Forum 1-7: Non-state Education Forum 1-8: Continuing Education
Forum 1-9: Family Education

Block 2: Confucius Institute Forum

Forum 2-1: Confucius Institute President Forum Forum 2-2: The Role of Confucius Institute in Cross-cultural Exchange
Forum 2-3: Confucius Classroom in Elementary and Secondary Education Forum 2-4: The Development and Prospect of Chinese International Education

Block 3: Education Partnership along the Belt and Road

Forum 3-1: University President Forum Forum 3-2: Role of Education Enterprises
Forum 3-3: Talent Training Cooperation Forum Forum 3-4: Education Resources Cooperation Forum

Block 4: Internet + Education Development Forum

Forum 4-1: “Internet + Education”: Trends and developments Forum 4-2: Role of IT Enterprises in  “Internet + Education”
Forum 4-3: The Practice and Application of New Information Technology in Education and Teaching Forum 4-4: Innovation of Educational Model in the Internet Era

Block 5: Digital Education Development Forum

Forum 5-1: Innovative Tech for Education
·Big Data Tech in Education
·Virtual Reality Technology
·3D Printing Technology
·Cloud Library
Forum 5-2: New Horizon of Online Education(Internet +)
·New Branding Strategy for Online Education
·How to Realize Standardization of Online Education
·Common Core and Online Assessment
·Mobile Devices and Mobile Learning
·Serious Games Based E-learning
Forum 5-3: Smart Education
·Innovative Smart Teaching and Learning Technologies
· Smart Educational Soft and Service
·Smart Interactive Teaching Equipment
·IOT and Smart Campus
·Smart Classroom
·Smart Logistics Management System
Forum 5-4: Distance Education

Block 6: Symposia of Quality Education

Forum 6-1: Art Specialty Training Forum 6-2: Music Specialty Training
Forum 6-3: Instrument Specialty Training Forum 6-4: Dance Specialty Training
Forum 6-5: Calligraphy Education Forum 6-6: Photography Education
Forum 6-7: International Language Training and Language Education Forum 6-8: Early Childhood Education
Forum 6-9: Psychology Education Forum 6-10: Medical and Health Education

Block 7: Symposia of International Education and Poverty Eradication

Forum 7-1: Overview on Plan and Action of Education for Poverty Alleviation Forum 7-2: Bursaries and Grants
Forum 7-3: Enterprises’ Contribution Forum 7-4: Meanings and Measures of Education for Accurate Poverty Alleviation

Block 8: Symposia of International Education Research

Forum 8-1: New International Policies of Study Abroad Forum 8-2: Cross-border Education Quality Assurance
Forum 8-3: Scientific Monitoring and Educational System Capability Evaluation Forum 8-4: Educational Fairness and Inclusive Education

Block 9: Educational EXPO and Posters

Block 10: Cultural and Social Activities

Activity 1: Welcome Banquet Activity 2: Industrial Sponsored Cocktail Party
Activity 3: Fundraising For Educational Poverty Activity 4: Study abroad presentation
Activity 5: Field Trip to Educational Institutions Activity 6: Famous Interview in School and Enterprise
Activity 7: Education Equipment Procurement Show Activity 8: Dalian Impression Tech-Tour





Important Deadlines
December 5, 2016 Start Date for Online Abstract Submissions
December 5, 2016 Start Date for Online Early Bird Registrations
March 5, 2017 Deadline for Online Early Bird Registrations
July 31, 2017 Deadline for Cancellation of Hotel Reservations
Deadline for Abstract Submission
August 10, 2017 Deadline for Submitting Materials to be Included in the Conference