A.maze.ing event 2017

Thank you very much to Min and Nahielly for organising today’s A.maze.ing event for our LANTERN community. I not only thoroughly enjoyed myself making piñatas, drawing batik patterns, and responding to different images, but was also encouraged through Min’s mountain activity, and given much food for thought in the other presentations.

Khwan spoke of how important our LANTERN community has been for her, and I think many of us would echo that sentiment. Events like the one today are a very important part of building that community, so, thank you again for keeping it going, and here’s to many more in the years to come 🙂



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  • Zhuomin Huang

    Thank you for sharing this here, Susan! I’m glad that you enjoyed the event activities. And Thanks to you all who came to bring us such a good day! Echoing to Khwan and you, I also feel so privileged to be a part of this community!