Online seminar: Criticality, interculturality and study abroad

One-day seminar, Turku, Finland
Meeting date: Tuesday 29th August 2017
Place: University of Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland, Turku University of Applied Sciences, ICT City, street address: Joukahaisenkatu 3A 
Title of seminar: Criticality, interculturality and study abroad
You can follow and take part in the event online at:
This WP5 meeting will take place just before the international conference Criticality in Education (Research): Definitions, Discourses and Controversies due to take place at the University of Helsinki (31.8-1.9.2017, see The seminar will tackle the same topic within the context of study abroad and in relation to the thorny notion of interculturality.
10-12: introduction to the theme: what is criticality in relation to interculturality in Study Abroad? Criticality in our work: definitions and controversies
12-1: lunch
1-2: Keynote by Jane Jackson: Interculturality, criticality, and intercultural praxis in study abroad
2-4: Presentations by participants
The following questions guide the presentations:
·       How do we define criticality in relation to interculturality in study abroad?
·       How can study abroad contribute to developing critical skills? 
·       How can criticality be taught and assessed in the context of study abroad?
·       How could we enrich discussions of criticality in study abroad with interdisciplinarity and ideas from the ‘periphery’ (outside Europe and America)?
Emmanuella Annan: TBC
Anu Härkönen: TBC
Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk: Self-authorship dynamics in students in contact with foreign languages and cultures
Andreas Jacobsson: Knowledge and ambivalence: Intercultural epistemology and critical thinking in study
abroad contexts
Fred Dervin & Yongjian Li: Criticality and interculturality in a Sino-French joint venture
4-5.30: Discussions, dissemination and potential publication
Please note that the indicated times are Finnish times, so please check!