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Nottingham Trent University is looking forward to welcoming you to a PIM on Intercultural Communication

18th November 2017 £100

This PIM is jointly held with the BAAL Intercultural Communication SIG.

In today’s globalised, yet increasingly polarised world, communication skills, cultural knowledge, cultural sensitivity and open-mindedness towards others would seem to be more important than ever. The task of helping all students develop this core intercultural competence is surely one to be shared by all educators, but as EAP teachers and language professionals we are perhaps better placed than many to address it, to increase awareness of its importance and share our best practice with colleagues in other disciplines.

We have welcomed proposals for papers on any aspect of this broad theme. For example:

In the classroom

This strand hopes to answer questions such as: Should we explicitly teach/attempt to facilitate intercultural communication in the EAP classroom? If so, how do we do it, and can/should it be assessed?

On campus

This strand hopes to answer questions such as: What is our role in preparing students for and helping them navigate campus life and an internationalised curriculum?

Professional development

This strand hopes to answer questions such as: What intercultural competencies do we need to develop as teachers? How can we help develop these across our institutions?

Wider Social Responsibility and Social Justice

This strand hopes to answer questions such as: What role does the field of language and intercultural communication have in, and in what ways can it contribute to, addressing the recent worldwide political events that have challenged liberal, critical and ethical discourses on issues such as diversity, intercultural relations and  social justice.

List of speakers with abstracts

Schedule of the day

Keynote Speaker: Professor Adrian Holliday of Canterbury Christchurch University

In the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries, comments or suggestions using the conference email address.

Practical information:

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BALEAP PIM – Intercultural Communication and EAP