Call for Chapter Proposals: Interculturality in ELT

You are invited to submit a proposal for an edited collection.

International Perspectives on Interculturality in English Language Teaching
Eds. Mabel Victoria (Edinburgh Napier University, UK) and Chittima Sangiamchit (University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand)

Deadline for Abstracts: 15 October 2018

The interest in the role that interculturality plays in English language teaching (ELT) has grown in momentum as English continues to be the favoured medium of communication for multilinguals around the world. This collected volume proposes to engage with nagging debates in ELT in relation to interculturality. What is the relationship between language and culture? Are they separable or inseparable? Can or should English be assigned to a ‘target’ culture, including pragmatic norms and communication conventions?
Interculturality is a slippery concept and existing notions in the field seem to depend on researcher interest and disciplinary orientation. As editors we believe that interculturality is way too important a concept to be too tightly defined. We therefore wish to attract a diversity of perspectives in the context of local pedagogies with a global resonance.
Interested scholars are invited to submit a proposal for a chapter that explores interculturality in ELT.

Below are suggested guidelines for the chapter:
1. Explain interculturality as conceptualized in the chapter. Situate it in the field by referring to other work carried out in the area. Introduce relevant frameworks or concepts that help organise thinking around the issue.
2. Illustrate the notion of interculturality with a local example (your own research or experience) by way of relevant illustrations, extracts from data, etc.
3. Explain what your example tells us about interculturality in ELT and relevant intercultural contexts.
4. Make explicit how your local experience is relevant to a wider global audience.
The volume is intended to be used on teacher education programmes. Thus, your contribution should have a strong local flavour, be globally relevant, have something distinctively fresh or original to say and be designed to stimulate debate.

The proposed volume will be submitted to Palgrave Macmillan.

Abstract of proposed chapter (300 words): 15 October
Notification to authors: 30 October
Submission of full chapter (7000 words): 30 January
Please send your proposal to the editors: and