Call for presentations

We are glad to inform you that the LANTERN Lunchtime Talks are back this academic year. 
These chats are a great opportunity to present your ongoing (and previous) work (e.g. PhD projects, research projects, book chapters, articles) as well as any relevant personal and professional experiences (e.g. life as a PhD student, life after your PhD, life as a teacher educator) to other PGR, Staff and colleagues from inside and outside the University of Manchester. The idea is to promote a friendly and relaxed environment to share and discuss what you have been up to, obtain/give feedback and create a strong community of researchers in the field of Language education.
Usually presenters have 20-25 minutes to share their work. Then, we have 5-10 minute questions. Some presentations are video recorded as this allows our distance members to connect with the community. Presenters based in other parts of the UK and/or in different parts of the world have sent a recorded presentation (e.g. voice recorded ppt) which we play on the indicated day, questions to the presenter are sent via email or if the presenter is connected via Skype he/she can take questions on the spot. Remember, it is entirely up to you what to present – either a conference presentation that you hope to get a feedback for or a part of your work that you want support and feedback for.  
If you would like to present this academic year please go to the following link and book the most suitable date for you. Take into account that the number of presentations per day is limited to two. 
We are looking forward to hearing from you