Call for Papers: Another Brick in the Wall: Rethinking Education

International Conference
Another Brick in the Wall: Rethinking Education
Amsterdam, November 11-15, 2019


Another Brick in the Wall: Transforming Education focuses on sharing insights pertaining to the fields of Intercultural Education, Multicultural Education, Human Rights Education, Citizenship Education, and Education for Democracy and Global Education, when it comes to addressing present day diversity issues. The international conference will allow teachers, students and academics to share insights and experiences, and to be exposed to the state of the art research on issues relating to diversity and education. Participants will also be able to gain new knowledge and grow their skill set through training.

In sum, this conference will focus the challenges and opportunities relating to teaching and learning in diverse environments in the 21st century. The first days of the conference will focus on practical workshops, while the second part of the conference will have more of an academic focus with scholars presenting their research. Since the conference will take place in a bilingual, international school, the teachers and students of the school will play an active role throughout the conference.

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