New member Stella

In this post I would like to introduce our newest member Stella.  She has a bachelor degree is English education in China, and a Master degree is translation studies from Macquarie University, Australia. She has 11 years of English teaching as lecturer in a university in China and she is now a PhD student at Manchester. In a short conversation we had by email she said (I got her permission to post this):
 “…In the past 3 years I taught my kid with California Wonder Collection coursebooks of America and help my daughter prepare 11 plus entrance exam with School field workbooks of UK in the Key stage 1 and key stage 2. This summer, I helped one of my TEFL classmates, a British graduate to find a decent teaching job in china by telling him so suggestions about how to teach English to Chinese. Although my major now is about International Higher Education, I still have some interest in my previous job. That is the reason I joined LANTERN community”.

Welcome Stella we hope to meet you soon!