An idea for the follow-up seminar …

Positioning our research and ourselves in our research: An exploration of the reflexive and narrative aspects of our research texts

One idea I have had about the follow-up seminar – maybe timed for February when some of our more ‘distant’ colleagues can be here – is as follow – for each of us to:

* provide a shortish extract from (any kind of ) research text (or indeed a complete short text) that we have written in which we feel there are interesting aspects of our reflexivity as we narrate some aspect of the research itself and/or of our researcher development for example).

* invite the others to explore our extract/text paying attention to the reflexive-narrative aspects rather than the content pe se ….

What do you think?

We could, not his way, also involve others who cannot be there f2f …

And there could be some interface with he Discourse Reading Group … but small worked really well last week so this needs some more thought ….




  • Richard Fay

    Thanks Julian. I am fully with you on this text-based explorations of our efforts before our discussions of the issues become too esoteric 🙂

  • That sounds like a good idea to me Richard. It would help make sure that we do not bog down in essentialist discussions of ‘what reflexivity is’, but rather explore what ‘reflexive experience’ means to each of us in terms of what we are each trying and undergoing.

  • As a distant colleague, I’ll second your idea, Richard!