CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: narratives of international students’ journeys

Hi all,
Hope this message finds you all happy and healthy :-))
Please kindly find below information about an interesting narrative project of journal of International Students group. If you are an international students and have a memorable intercultural experience, probably this one is for you :-))

Developing Intercultural Competence: International Students’ Journeys
In Routledge Studies in Global Student Mobility book series
Krishna Bista and Chris R. Glass (Series Editors)


You are invited to contribute narratives of international students’ journeys. The narrative should be your own, written in first person. Please use a narrative, story-telling style of writing. As the stories are real-life accounts, no citations are expected. You need to be 18 years or older in order to contribute.

Please choose one for the narrative:

A memorable experience you have had with a person(s) who is different from you (age, religion, culture, nationality, etc.) AND what you learned about yourself as well as what you learned about the other person(s) in that experience.
A challenging interaction or cultural misunderstanding you have had with a person(s) from a different background AND what you learned from this interaction
A time when you realised you believed in a stereotype (about a group you are part of OR a group that you are not part of) that was not true – and what happened
A time when you felt supported by people or a group, and the types of things that they did to support you as an international student.
Submissions should be a Word document, named precisely in the following way: ICCProjectResponse_LastNameFirstName

The document should include:

Your name
Your current institution’s name
Location of institution (city/country)
Your country of origin
The country where your story occurred
Your ethnic/cultural background
Your narrative (max. 800 words total):
Brief context of the story (where/when)
Events of the story (what)
Lessons/insights learnt (why/how)
Reflections what you can do differently in future based on what you have learnt (what’s next)
Please send all submissions to by 11 December 2020. Contributors will be notified of outcome by end of March 2021.