IC podcasts

TESOL Intercultural Communication Interest Section (ICIS) has just released the final instalment of their Podcast Series:

  • Colleen Ward: “Managing Multiple Cultural Identities”
  • Stephen Fox: “What the Arts Can (and Can’t) Communicate Across Cultures”
  • Milton Bennett: “The Intercultural Doors of Perception”


The first 10 podcasts are:
1. John Berry’s “How Shall We All Live Together?“;
2. Betina Szkudlarek, Selena Choo, and Eun Su Lee’s “Overcoming the Canvas Ceiling: Refugee Employment“;
3. Cornelius Grove’s “How East Asians RAISE Students Who Excel” and “How East Asians TEACH Students Who Excel“;
4. Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti’s “The psychological contract of integration“;
5. Zhu Hua’s “Making a stance: Intercultural communication research as social action“;
6. Claude-Hélène Mayer & Elisabeth Vanderheiden’s “The bright and the dark side of shame: Transforming shame in cultural contexts“;
7. David Sam’s “Shades of Multiculturalism“;
8. Adam Komisarof’s “What Does It Take to Become ‘One of Us’? National Identity and Inclusion (Part One)“;
9. Chan-Hoong Leong’s “What Does It Take to Become ‘One of Us’? How Recipient Culture Shapes National Identity and Inclusion (Part Two)“;
10. Deborah Cai’s “Comparing Transitive and Intransitive Social Networks: Implications for Cross-Cultural Relationships“.

The podcasts (along with abstracts summarizing the content and presenter profiles) can be accessed here, with no restrictions upon sharing them with the general public:
https://intercultural-academy. net/publications/podcasts.html