International Webinar on Pragmatic Awareness and Multilingual Classroom Discourse

A two-day Webinar on pragmatic awareness and multilingual classroom discourse will be held through Google Meet on 21st and 22nd December.

Speakers and topics as shown below.

21st: From 11.00 (CET)

ISTVÁN KECSKÉS–Developing common ground in English as a Lingua Franca discourse

ANGEL LIN, QINGHUA CHEN & PEDRO DOS SANTOS–Navigating Academia in North America with Translanguaging Awareness

22nd: From 13.00 (CET)

CELESTE KINGINGER–The Qualities of Study Abroad Homestay Interaction for Language Learning

DÁNIEL Z. KÁDÁR–Contrastive Pragmatics – An Overview of RFIE Theory


If anyone is interested, please use the link down below to sign up. Detailed description of each session is also included.