The 2020 International Symposium on Quality Assurance of English Medium Higher Education (EMHE) – Symposium 3


Research indicates the vital importance of contextualised, needs-based support structures and systems for students studying in an EM environment and for content lecturers using EM. Additionally, as language in education policy impacts on all levels of campus life, it can be argued that wider support structures, support for administrative staff and departmental staff, are a necessity.

What student, content lecturer and wider institutional support structures are currently in place in China? What student, content lecturer and wider institutional support systems are in place globally and can transferable lessons with global relevance be learned from these? What role does EAP, ESP and ESAP play in student support? How can closer collaboration between EAP, ESP and ESAP and content lecturers using EM be encouraged and supported? The symposium convenes Chinese and international speakers to share current practice and discuss these key issues.


  • British Council China
  • China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE)

Mode of conference: Online conference on Zoom Webinar (free registration)

Language of the symposium: English and Chinese, with simultaneous translation provided

Target audience:

  • EME programme planners and administrators
  • Content lecturers using EM
  • EAP and ESP teachers
  • Teacher development bodies
  • Researchers and research bodies


Please use the listed link to register and check the details of this conference, if you’re interested!