{New book} Teaching and Learning English Interculturally

Hi, guys! I want to inform you about a book recently published in Norway: Teaching and Learning English Interculturally.

It contains these chapters:

– Intercultural learning and global citizenship in the English language classroom (Magne Dypedahl & Ragnhild E. Lund)

– Language learning and intercultural learning (Ragnhild E. Lund)

– Multilingualism and intercultural competence (Christian Carlsen)

– Culture studies for intercultural learning (Magne Dypedahl)

– Using literature for intercultural learning in English language education (Janice Bland)

– Using film for intercultural learning (Maria Casado Villanueva)

– Using picture books for intercultural learning (Sissil Lea Heggernes)

– Reflection tools for intercultural awareness (Magne Dypedahl)

– Intercultural learning in the classroom: some general principles (Ragnhild E. Lund & Maria Casado Villanueva)

– Assessment of intercultural competence and intercultural communicative competence (Mchael Byram)


Though the publisher’s website is only in Norwegian, you’ll still be able to get an impression of the book here:


The link to the digital version of the book is here: