{Research report} Hybrid learning in language teaching organisations

I’m happy to share a research report on a collaborative project on hybrid learning with  our MA alumna (Sophia Mavridi who is now a digital learning specialist and lecturer in English teaching at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK) involved in. In her report on the hybrid classroom, the new teaching methods emerged during COVID-19 are addressed. In order to to provide continuity of learning, the educational commnunity has had to make remarkable modifications moving from Emergency Remote Teaching to hybrid learning solutions. And the language teaching organizations and institutions are of no exception to adjust themselves to the new reality in response to the pandemic. So this report is highly relevant to the teaching practices now.

The report looks at instances, insights and implications of the Hybrid Learning model in language education contexts globally and reflects language organisations’ experiences and perceptions in autumn 2020. Respondents’ teaching organisations were located in 31 countries, with four countries providing the most respondents: United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

If you want to learn more about this report, please click this link https://sophiamavridi.com/report-on-hybrid-learning/ to read the whole report.