{Call for papers} EMI, ICLHE and Englishization: Reflecting on the Changing University

The 2021 ICLHE Conference highlights the language that has become dominant in many spheres, English, and how English is impacting on the classroom, the key actors involved, the university and society, including other languages of learning. English has become a central factor in the internationalization of universities.

They invite proposals for contributed papers, poster presentations, workshops, and colloquia within the conference theme in areas related to one or more of the following suggested tracks:

  • Language, status, and identity
  • Policy
  • Impacts of English-medium instruction
  • The nature of knowledge, power and EMI
  • The silent voices of other languages
While priority will be given to research-based contributions on these tracks, other contributions are also welcome.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 February 2021
More detailed requirements can be viewed through this link https://iclhe-um.nl/call-papers. And you can also submit your abstract through this link.