{Interesting book} The essential guide to doing your research project

The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project
Zina O’Leary – The Australia and New Zealand School of Government

The new edition of Zina O’Leary’s practical book is filled with guidance for tackling research in the real world, taking the reader through how to approach every stage of the research project. The new edition includes:

  • Print and online decision trees
  • New content on doing online research and using digital data
  • New chapter on dissemination and presenting
  • New ‘critical thinking challenges’

This practical book sets out how to approach each stage of your research project, from choosing a research design and methodology to collecting and analysing data and communicating your results – and showcases best practice along the way.

Packed with pragmatic guidance for tackling research in the real world, this fourth edition:

  • Offers support for diving into a project using digital data, with how-to guidance on conducting online and social media research
  • Empowers you to confidently disseminate your work and present with impact
  • Helps you map out your research journey and put a plan in place with decision trees in every chapter
  • Challenges you to be reflective and critical about the research you consume and undertake

Zina O’Leary’s detailed and down-to-earth approach gives you the research skills and momentum you need to successfully complete your research project.

March 2021 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

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