{New article} congratulations to Felix on his new publication

Congratulations to Felix on his new publication!

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Enhancing EFL students’ participation through translanguaging
Published: 08 February 2021

This study explored multilingual students’ attitudes towards translanguaging after the practice was introduced in group activities aimed at improving their English language skills and classroom engagement. A cohort of students taking a pre-sessional English course at a college of technology in Rwanda were initiated into translanguaging. They were then observed while translanguaging in group activities and interviewed later in focus groups to understand their acceptance of translanguaging as a resource for English language learning. Findings show that students engaged in translanguaging and acknowledged its benefits in their group activities. They nevertheless expressed reservations about embracing translanguaging as a formal pedagogy in their L2 classes. They were willing to opt for English-only classes regardless of their level of English language abilities. Students’ mixed feelings about translanguaging appeared to come from a perception of the English language as more relevant professionally and internationally than other local languages that constituted their multilingualism.